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The Green Flyway test arena has a unique air space for testing.

The current airspace design combined with today's opportunities to obtain temporary test permits that makes it possible to get started with tests immediately.

The Green Flyway will in the near future, design airspace solutions that facilitate testing operations. This will be done without restricting access to the same airspace for general aviation, helicopter operations, "blue light flights" and the Armed Forces.

The airspace around Åre Östersund Airport and Röros Airport are controlled, so-called C airspace in the form of TMA respectively CTR. In addition, around Röros Airport there are three Danger Areas set up west of the airport and east of airport. These Danger Areas are activated via NOTAM (Notice to Air Men) and are examples of airspace that can be used for test operations.

The airspace between Åre Östersund Airport and Röros Airport outside TMA and CTR and below FL (Flight Level) 095 is uncontrolled, so-called G airspace. The airspace for testing will be adapted so that it does not disturb the surroundings.