Autonomous drones ambulance-drone

Photo: ambulance-drone

Autonomous drones

Green Flyway is a test arena for unmanned flying systems, drones and eVTOLs in, for example, environmental and rescue applications.

The aim is to develop a secure infrastructure both on land and in airspace, where research, testing, certification, education, marketing, delivery checks etc. of flying unmanned systems can be carried out.

Transport drones and e-taxis are ready for lifting. Currently, the drones we see in the air are mainly unmanned - like toys or to carry cameras. They have already an electric drive, in other words, they do not need become electric.

In the not too distant future, we can expect to see an increasing number of multicopters and eVTOL aircraft. eVTOL stands for electric powered vertical take-off and landing aircraft. There are several scenarios where eVTOL aircraft can be used: small versions can transport goods, while larger ones can transport passengers.