Electric aircraft & drones
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Electric aircraft & passenger drones

In the future, electric aircraft, such as eVTOL and multicopters - drones with multiple rotors - will become a common sight. Electric aircraft get their driving energy from an onboard battery that is charged with electricity. Smaller models, as drone flies completely with electricity, but larger aircraft for more than 19 passengers still rely on a second energy source and hybrid solutions.

Green Flyway offers opportunities for test actors to fly point to point. We offer test opportunities from technology to business setup.

Electric aviation a disruptive technology

Electric aircraft can increase accessibility in large parts of Sweden and other Nordic countries where it today it is too expensive to maintain a well-functioning transport infrastructure.

Electric aircraft can more than halve the operating costs compared to conventional combustion engine flights. Mainly because of lower maintenance and energy costs. Electric aircraft has a long-term cost advantage on short regional routes with limited passenger base.

Electric aircraft generate less noise because the engine is quieter and propelled by newly developed propellers. It creates a better environment for nearby residents to airports as well as making it possible to start and land closer to densely populated areas.

The performance of the electric aircraft makes it possible to use short runways at smaller airports.

The Green Flyway will with in the project investigate the regional development potential that electric flying is enabling.