Test arena Östersund

Östersund - full scale aerial test arena 


We can arrange demonstrations and support development testing and training courses for both qualified and unqualified systems. Green Flyway is an unique arena enabling

test of unmanned systems and manned aircraft. Furthermore, we will arrange all the permits and approvals required for your specific missions.

illustration of Östersund-Frösöpark


First aid and Fire services
During the opening hours of the winter test center, a professional first aid service is in constant readiness on site


Hangar/ Convention center
40 000 m² including offices.



Remote Tower, Optical fiber Internet, Telecommunications, Mobile Networks and RTK GPS Coverage.


Maintenance for general aviation
MROs including maintenance for Helicopters and fixed wing General Aviation.


National  Helicopter Service center
Heavy maintenance for Helicopters.


Workshop service
On request, we offer a variety of services. If you require services of our workshop, please contact us to discuss the scope of work.


Research and development

Manufacturer of Industrial components in metal and plastics using additive manufacturing, University and aviation industry.


On request, we can organize accommodations in Östersund. You can choose between hotels with standard and VIP rooms or private homes.

Basic facts


  • 2500 meter runway
  • International airport
  • Swedish airforce previus training airport for jet fighters and personnel
  • 40 000 m² of hangars and offices 
  • Hotels and apartments
  • Everything within walking distance
  • Frequent buses to city
  • Swedens most beutiful golfcourse 
  • plus a lot more
Image of Östersund Åre Airport
Image of hangar Östersund
Lobby Frösö Park
Future of Frösö Park
Remote Tower air traffic controll